Succulent Wreath Tutorial

Succulent Wreath Tutorial
Everytime I go to the Conservation Garden here in my city I learn a new skill. Today I learned how to make a stunning succulent wreath. The wreath was designed and made for a recent Home Show Contest. The contest was “Deck the Door” Contest sponsored by The Vintage Bee Paint Company at the Salt Lake Deseret News Home Show Oct 10-12, 2104.  I was selected out of 11 other bloggers to decorate the door. Me, being the new President of the Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club decided that my door should have a living element to it.  My choice was to use succulents on a wreath.

We started the wreath about mid July to get it to root in properly.  Afterall, it is alive. 

Succulent Wreath Tutorial

Succulent Wreath Tutorial

1- Using a square wire frame we carefully placed moss on the wreath attaching it with zip ties

2- Take the plants out of the dirt and place them within the moss around the wreath. Making sure that they will have ample space to root in over time.

3- Attach the plants to the wreath frame and moss with more zip ties. Zip ties work better than wire because they don’t cut into the root system of the succulents.

4. Water thoroughly from the bottom by soaking in a large tub

or sink.  One time per week and then less as they root in.  Succulents are like cactus and do not need much water.

5-To hang it on a door we had to reinforce it a little with floral glue and fill in with plants with more zip ties and moss.  Sometimes the plants do not root in and will die off. Replace them as necessary with new plant pieces. 

6- To fully root into a wreath it will take 3-5 months. 

Succulent Wreath Tutorial


Your succulent wreath will last for many months and even years if properly cared for. Be sure to not place it in direct sunlight.  It will dry out too quickly and the plants will die.  North-facing front doors would be a perfect place for a Succulent Wreath.

Succulent Wreath Tutorial

My Door Decorated for the Deck the Door Contest at the home show.  Rocks are courtesy of American Specialty Glass




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