Red Enchilada Sauce Delayed



Red Enchilada Sauce Delayed

Waiting for the processed sauce to cool.

Red Enchilada Sauce  Delayed


Red Enchilada Sauce delayed  due to a equipment malfunction.  I had began the process before I realized my canner was not holding pressure properly. Hissing steam out the sides of the lid was not normal. It would not build up pressure so it would not work. hmm. Now What?


Red Enchilada Sauce Delayed

Steam forming in the pressure canner. This helps the canner to seal.

Most people are worried that the lid will blow off but in this case it was never building pressure because my gasket seal was worn out and the steam was escaping out the sides of the lid. So now I had to stop the process. Cool the jars and then place them in the refrigerator to do later. The next day was my optimistic plan.

I checked online to see where to find a gasket and they were about $14 each plus shipping and then I am not sure if I would get the correct one for my cooker.

So I waited for inspiration….
Then I remembered Utah State Extension Services will test your pressure cookers so I went into the nearest office lugging my lid with me. They are kind of heavy and look like a small aluminum manhole covering. I am sure I got plenty of looks….
They informed me the next class was months away. I did not want to wait but  the agent did give me a great option.

A local appliance repair store will sell the gaskets and then test the pressure cooker lid. I called and they had my gasket seal in stock and they could test the pressure on the spot.

Wahoo!!! I took my lid in and they confirmed the size, took the old gasket out, put in the new one and then tested my lid. Then I got the bill. To my surprise it was only $9. Basically saved me 4 bucks plus shipping and tested it for free.

I finally got the Red Enchilada Sauce finished after a few days delay.  So glad I had the resources to remedy the problem so quickly.

Red Enchilada Sauce Delayed

I was also told they have parts for other pressure cookers if you have one that needs the gauge or something.
What a great resource so if you are in Utah this is the place.

Appliance Service Center
7036 South 185 West Salt Lake City, UT 01-467-6361 Open M-F 8am-5 pm


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