Pressure Cooking Class Scheduled

Pressure Cooking Class Scheduled Learn the basics

Pressure cooking class scheduled. Are you a little curious about using a pressure cooker? Many people are. Some are terrified of them. Some love them. Others have not had any reason to even think about using one. From my experience with pressure cookers is there is no need to fear. I use mine nearly every day. It saves me time. It is one of my cooking tools that I would not give up, EVER!
Because there is a ton of curiosity surrounding pressure cooking a Pressure Cooking class is scheduled for April 19th. It will be at my studio kitchen. There you will be able to learn about the psi, caring for and how to adjust your favorite recipes to be used in a pressure cooker. If you have one that you have never or seldom used bring it. We will be doing a hands on demo this time. Everyone will leave with pressure cooker confidence.

There is a difference between canners and cookers so you will learn how to use a cooker at the upcoming class.  This is one tidbit I will give away prior to the class.  Every recipe will cook in 1/3 of the time of your regular recipe. Yes, that means if your recipe says it will take an hour. You will be able to cook it in a pressure cooker in 15 minutes.  That should make meal time quicker don’t you think?

For more information and to sign up for the class check out my facebook page for the sign up sheet at

Here are few quick links to recipes that I make in a pressure cooker. Mac & Cheese, Paella, and Refried Beans to name a few. 

Pressure Cooker Explosions

Every day canner

Pressure Cooking Class Scheduled

Pressure canner used for specialty jar canning


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