Pressure Cooker Explosions

Preventing Pressure Cooker Explosions

Pressure Cooker Explosions

Pressure cooker explosions are rare if you follow the manufacturers directions and provide frequent maintenance.  Maintenance of the gasket and making sure that your gauge is working properly are really most important things you can do. Another thing to watch is the wire basket in the pot. It can get corroded by hard water and may need to be replaced. 

Take care of your pressure cooker by wiping out the gunk and cleaning it thoroughly before storing. The initial investment is too great to have to buy them very often.  “It’s like washing dishes in a dirty sink with dirty water”

One question I get while teaching classes is “Do I really need a Pressure Cooker?  It depends upon what you want to bottle is my answer. Would you like to bottle meats, spaghetti sauce, vegetables other than pickles and tomatoes?  If your answer is yes, then you need to invest in a pressure cooker.  If you only want to bottle jams, jellies, fruit, tomatoes then a water bath canner will work perfectly for these.

There are two types of pressure cookers in my book.

One I use for everyday cooking and the other for canning my low acid foods.


Pressure Cooker Explosions

Every day canner





 Pressure Cooker Explosions

Large sized canner holds quarts and pint sized bottles. Use only glass jars recommended for canning.










Now here is the fun stuff.  If you are a hunter of big game or fish it can easily be stored in your food storage as bottled meats.  I have canned deer, elk, beef stew, trout.  My favorite is trout.  I don’t even have to use freshly caught. It can come out of the freezer as long as it is not freezer burnt. (I will show you how to freeze trout as soon as my hubby goes fishing again)

I cut off the head and tail. Remove the fins and then cut into chunks so it fits into a jar.  No need to de-bone.  The canning process dissolves the bones.  I like to add a tablespoon of Catalina Salad Dressing to each jar. The results are bottles of trout that has the flavor and coloring of expensive canned salmon.

This is just one example of a great way to add to your food storage by canning items that you would normally buy canned or have to use an alternative storage method. 

Pressure cooker explosions are rare today.  If you are looking for a new cooking tool and want to expand your food storage possibilities I recommend you purchase a good quality canner. As big as you can afford and feasible to use on your cook top. 

If you take care of it it may be one of those items that will passed down from generation to generation.

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