Old Metal Chairs Paint Transformation

Painted and tin punched give new life to these old folding chairs

Painted and tin punched give new life to these old folding chairs

Old metal chairs paint transformation is easy with a little patience.  My parents had some old folding chairs from a camp which they were told to dispose of. Well, each of us kids could use some extra chairs so we divided out the best of the chairs and took them home.  Very ugly and dirty were they.  For two years I stored them in the shed and brought them out only for extra chairs needed for large gatherings at my home.

I was visiting my brother a few months ago and he had painted his chairs bright fun colors. I thought what a great idea! I wanted to paint mine too. Because we get together often I wanted to make sure my chairs did not get mixed up with his and we lose our chairs. I say this because it has happened before.  I ended up with the crappy chair that I know was not mine but did not make a fuss about it. With family issues you have to “pick your battles”. This was not a battle to be fought over.  We all had old chairs.  I decided I would paint my chairs colors that matched my home decor but not the same as my brothers.

After I had purchased my paint, I saw this great idea to punch a design on the back and on the seat. They were so cute and flying out at a local decorating store here. I thought I could do that. It’s just like tin punching and I had the tools.  Hammer and a nail and a lot of pounding.  I decided that I would use an initial of our family. It is a B so I found a cheap wood letter at a craft  store and went to work.

I traced the letter on the back of the chair with a sharpie. I then proceeded to punch the nail through the metal back. Well it was slow and painful. I wondered if there was a better way to do this so I enlisted my husbands help. He brought out the big guns and the drill press. It worked well but did not have the puffy punched design that I really liked when I did it by hand. We decided to go back to the hand method.  Instead of free punching the back while I sat on the chair we clamped the chairs to a table and punched the design through. Success! It was much easier to get it done.

They looked so cute but had one problem… the metal had punched through and left sharp edges on the back of the chairs. Creating a snag hazard or worse cutting of hands.  At this point we got out the hand grinder and I ground down each of the sharp edges until smooth. Didn’t lose the look but removed the hazard. Now all I had to do was paint.  Note: Do not try to paint in the wind.  My feet were oversprayed a really nice blue and I almost ruined a new pedicure.

I love the fact that I was able to breathe beauty back into these old metal chairs. Paint and a little design really made them look new and so very cute. I love them! 


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