My Favorite Cinco de Mayo Recipes

My Favorite Cinco de Mayo Recipes

My favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes are easy to list.  It is as list of my party easy foods, Mexican Style.  Here is a great round up of my top three. Just in time for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. 


My Favorite Cinco de Mayo Recipe #1

Zuchinni Con Queso so easy to make. Delicious for all.  Serve on a crispy tostada shell. Contains pork cubes, onion, zuchinni, tomato and cotija cheese.  Savory Tostada at its finest! My mouth is watering! Wish there was an internet smell and taste app.  



My Favorite Cinco de Mayo Recipe #2

Sweet Chicken & Mango Tostadas are layers of cilantro rice, black beans and sweet chicken & mango sauce.  Serve it buffet style with the toppings ready for your guests to layer themselves.  Everyone loves the sweet Chicken Mango sauce. I love the fact that you can make it days in advance.  This is a staple in my basic Mexican Cooking Classes using recipes  from Pantry-Friendly Mexican Cooking Cookbook. 

Cuban Inspired Quesadilla

My favorite Cinco de Mayo Recipe # 3

Cuban Inspired Quesadilla  isn’t really Mexican but… if you have ever had a love affair with a Cuban sandwich. This quesadilla is for you.  The flavors of dill pickle, mojo pork, mustard and Swiss cheese will have your mouth dancing a salsa. 

All of these recipes are part of the Taco Tuesday Series I created in 2015.  You will have to check out other fantastic recipes on the blog.  

Easy Mock Margarita Punch

1 frozen can of limeade

2 liter bottle of Lemon lime soda

Sliced fresh limes for garnish

Kosher Salt for rim of glasses or punch bowl

Mix the limeade according to the package in a large pitcher.  Place contents of pitcher and soda into a large salt rimmed punch bowl.  Add ice and sliced limes for garnish.  

To salt the rim of the punch bowl. Place kosher salt over the entire area of a plate large enough to set the rim of the inverted punch bowl.  Gently dab the punch bowl rim with egg white and quickly invert into the salt. Rim will be covered with salt. Festive way to serve Mock Margarita Punch. 


Many folks will dust off the pinatas, get out the limes and blender and celebrate this pseudo Mexican holiday  Americans love to celebrate. Cinco de Mayo. The 5th of May.  Which in my opinion is much tastier than May Day. 





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