Mixture Kills Weed Dead

Mixture Kills Weeds Dead

Kill this weed to its roots. Apply now for best results.

Mixture Kills Weed Dead

An effective quick kill mixture for morning glory was given to me a few years ago from a master gardener working at a local garden.  It was one of those “pulled to the side moments” that I couldn’t believe had happened to me. I am not usually in the know and have to learn things the hard way. Trial and error seems to be my normal.

Do you have the weed known as “Morning Glory” that winds and intertwines up your plants? You pull and pull, spray it and still it survives. Well, I have a solution for you. 

Killer Concoction (This Mixture Kills Weeds Dead)

This mixture contains Round Up Weed Killer, Miracle Grow Fertilizer and Joy Dish Soap

1 cup Round Up Weed Killer

1 cup liquid Miracle Grow Fertilizer

3 Tablespoons Joy Dish Soap

This makes 1 pint. If you want or need more just mix it up in these quantities

Why do you combine weed killer, fertilizer and dish soap? I know it is a weird combination. But it works.  The key is to do it at the correct time in the life of the weed to be most effective. 

FALL is the time to apply this mixture. 

It is because the Round Up takes 7 days to work.   The beauty of this is that the weed thinks it is going dormant and has a last push of food from the fertilizer to store deep in its roots just before winter, plus the toxic dose of weed killer, 7 days later the Round Up hits and kills it dead to the roots. Why the dish soap? Well it is sticky and helps the mixture stay on the weed’s leaves longer.

Now is the time to stop — pulling, pulling, digging and then realize that you will get revenge in the best possible way.  Time to apply Morning Glory Killer Concoction.

It will die and you will never have to pull “Morning Glory” again.


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