Make Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Make Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Make chocolate marshmallow Easter eggs from scratch

Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Make chocolate marshmallow Easter eggs. This year make them from scratch at home. Follow my journey as I made (2)batches of marshmallow before figuring it out. My kids love marshmallow and chocolate but to be honest I had never tried to do this at home. The cheap chocolate eggs were fine.  Now, I have blown that perception out of the water. They are not fine and homemade chocolate marshmallow eggs are the best! Ever! I may never buy store bought marshmallow or marshmallow cream ever again.

It is that good! 

I quickly found all the ingredients except for one key ingredient.  Unflavored gelatin.  So I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store.  I was amazed at the price. $10 for a large box and $2.77 for a box of 4.  This is my beef about the packaging. It takes 3 packets to make the recipe and of course the box contains 4. What the heck? Why not 3 or 6? So if you are making 2 batches you will have leftover gelatin that will be of no use for an additional batch.  Stock up when it may be cheaper.

I used Ina Garten’s recipe for the marshmallow because it looked easiest of all that I saw on the web.  Later I found a recipe from my grandmother who used to make these all the time. Long before my time I am sure.  My mom has found memories of toasted coconut marshmallow squares from when she was a kid.  Will try Grandma’s another time. It was nearly the same as the one I used. 

My journey found me making one batch of marshmallow and placing in in a baking pan coated with a powdered sugar layer.  I thought it would work great. It looked good according to the picture on Ina’s site. My plan was to used a egg shaped cooking cutter to make the egg shaped marshmallow. Well, What a mess! I had to scrape the pan to get a little bit out and creating a cookie cutout was not going to work.  There had to be a better way….

Found one- Use a mold.  

Not an ordinary plastic mold. One you create yourself with flour.  Cool! I have flour.  It takes about 4 lbs of flour to create the mold. But it did work pretty slick.   Carefully fill the flour in a baking dish nearly to the top. Smooth top to level. Take a plastic egg and indent to 1/2 of the egg.  Be careful when taking the egg out of the flour so you don’t end up with finger marks and a sloppy mold. Good news it is easy to fix the mistakes just smooth and start again.  You could use powdered sugar but flour is much cheaper and the eggs don’t taste like flour when they are done. 

Top left use a plastic egg to create mold indent, lower left pour hot marshmallow into mold, Remove from mold and chill on a baking sheet.

Top left use a plastic egg to create mold indent, lower left pour hot marshmallow into mold, Remove from mold and chill on a baking sheet.

I wish I would have had more baking pans filled with flour to make more molds. The hot marshmallow cools and then does not pour from the pan into the mold as well after 2 or 3 uses.  As you can see by the picture above left.  This was a photo of my last batch. Make sure to keep some of the flour on the eggs while placing them on the baking sheet. They will stick and not be easy to remove when you are ready to dip them in the chocolate. 

Once the marshmallow had chilled. Temper chocolate over a double boiler. If you are not familiar you can use the candy melts available everywhere.  I used them to decorate the eggs once the chocolate coating had cooled.  

Melted the candy melts in the microwave and then gently spooned the chocolate off the tip of the spoon by quickly waving it over the pan of dipped chocolate eggs.  It is messy and I did have some that was on the waxed paper. Chill again and remove from the sheet. I did trim some the edges to make the eggs more smooth.  I think my first effort to make chocolate Easter eggs worked out well. 

Make Chocolate Easter Egg from Scrath

Finished Chocolate Dipped Easter Egg

Make Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs one of your new family traditions.  I know it is being added to my family cooking tradition file.  


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