Frozen Cherries Better

Frozen Cherries Better Than Canned maybe not when you compare price and recipe

Side by Side Visual Comparison of Frozen Cherries vs Canned Cherries

Frozen Cherries Better Than Canned

I was creating Balsamic Cherry Brie Stuffed French Toast. The recipe required cherries. Cherries where I live are very seasonal and only available during June/July.  If it is not those months then you have to look to other options to create delicious cherry dishes. 

I found canned cherries in syrup and frozen cherries at my neighborhood market.   I decided to do a side by side comparison and see exactly which was the best bargain.

Each package contained about 10 oz of cherries. Just a little over 1 cup. This is what I discovered:


More plump

Brighter color

Firmer texture

Less sugar

$3.99 per bag


Softer texture

Duller color

Smaller cherries

Packed in heavy syrup

Cost $1.88 can

Frozen cherries better than canned. My findings were pretty convincing of this truth. But wait, what if I am just going to bake them into a recipe? After using in a recipe and baking or cooking it appeared to be no different. The frozen broke down to be soft and dull colored when baked. Sometimes when using frozen fruit I have add sugar or honey to sweeten because the fruit was frozen unripe.

Maybe canned cherries was a better way to go? This is my dilemma—What to do with the heavy syrup they are packed in?

As a home canner I understand that the canning process requires a syrup or liquid poured over them to effectively process in a canner.  This is how I over come the extra sugar in canned fruits. I strain and rinse the sugars off in cool water.  So simple–No extra sugar. 

As you are creating off-season cherry dishes think of the recipe and how you are going to use them. If you need a fresh sauce  over a cake, pudding or flambe’, go with frozen cherries. You will want pretty cherries for these recipes. 

But if you are baking a cobbler I recommend going with the cheaper canned version. Taste is the same and you will usually save 1/2 of the costs.  So think twice about your cherry options because sometimes frozen cherries are better than canned and sometimes they are not.


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