Food Storage Room Examples

Food Storage Room Examples


Food Storage Room Examples

Food storage room examples really helps plan for what you can realistically store.  Exclusive food storage rooms  are often a luxury for many homeowners. Wherever I have lived I have tried to have some form of an area to place my food storage items.

This topic has been on mind a lot lately. So it may be important to a few others too.  With the costs of food doubling every time we go to the grocery store. It pays to buy it on sale, stock pile it and reap the benefits of not having to shop as often.  It really puts the power into your hands.

You buy when it is on sale. Not because you need it.  Sounds good, Right?

Whatever your situation you can successfully store food and other necessary items.  Keeping the room cool, dark and dry are really important. 

Try your best to select a good spot around your home. 

1-Basements, & interior closets work really well.  If you have extra cupboards use them for extra items too. 

2-Make sure that you have way to see what you have by putting them on some sort of shelving system.  Sturdy shelves are important.  Buckets and canned goods are pretty heavy.  Anywhere there are earthquakes it is good to secure the shelves to the wall.  Many of my friends add a lip on the front of their shelves to keep items on the shelves. 

3-Once you have shelving be sure to place the heavy items on the the lower shelves. If you are using a basement room don’t put bags of flour etc directly on the floor. If they get wet they are ruined. Place it in food ready buckets.

4- Label your items with expiration dates.  This is not rocket science, I place a month and year sharpie mark on each item I put in storage. This serves 2 purposes. You know when you bought it so the oldest products can be used first and secondly it helps you measure how long it takes your family to consume it.


Food Storage Room Examples

Heavy buckets on the bottom shelves or floor



Food Storage Room Examples

Labeling of food storage items



If you follow these simple steps you will be able to store food and other items easily in any home.

Food Storage Room Examples

 These room are examples and may not be exactly perfect. It is a work in progress for all of us.


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