Easy DYI Compost Bin Plans

Easy DYI compost bin plans are everywhere.  You can use plastic tubs that you poke holes into and then rotate periodically. Ideally, you want to have a compost bin that you can actually turn the soil with a pitchfork. So there are many options for making your own compost bin.  Pallets are all the rage with the do it yourself crowd. So if you can get hold of this building material it will save you some money up front. Just is case you are not totally committed to composting. To be honest it takes a while to get satisfactory results.

Since it takes time for the compost to break down having varying stages of multiple bins is the most idea solution.  I have seen many made as a lean-to against a garden shed with a chicken wire frame over the top.  Others are made with pallets nailed together to form a box.  Some just pile the soil up in a corner of the garden area. To get the best possible soil out of your compost you need to be able to raise the temperature of the soil so it breaks it down.  Just throwing the  kitchen waste into a pile of soil no matter how fancy your compost structure is will not get you the affects that you are looking for. 

How do I get the best soil out of my compost bin? First, lets talk about what you are specifically looking to do with your compost bin.  If you are trying to dispose of the waste in a more environmental way then any type of bin or box with a lid will work.  But if you are trying to make a beautiful nutrient rich soil, it will take a little more effort. Ingredients are a good weed free manure, soil, and then the kitchen waste.  If you get the mixture hot enough you can even add leaves, and other garden leftovers. This is key during the harvest. Don’t overload your bins with lots of stuff because it will not break down fast enough and will give you less than ideal results.

I have looked at many compost bins in my lifetime and this is the one that I would recommend making if you are truly serious about composting for a long period of time.  When I contacted Dave at Revolutionary Gardens he was very nice about allowing me to share his information and link. He has it all planned out down to even a lumber shopping list.  No need to reinvent the process. If you want to use pallets for the walls of the structure Dave has designed, it will save you some lumber costs.  Just remember that pallets are made of lesser quality lumber materials so it may not last as long as premium grade lumber.

Here is the link to the plans. You will love these. So simple and very easy to understand. It is for a triple bin system. Which in my opinion is the best way to manage compost. 


I can’t wait to see what you build so please share with us.

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