The Story behind “Cook Away Hunger!”


A few years ago my step son was convalescing from injuries sustained in a horrific car accident at our home. He was malnourished and needed better nutrition to heal.  My energies went to providing him with nourishing food on a budget. Naturally I went to my well-stocked pantry.

One evening his girlfriend had joined us for dinner and was raving about the clam chowder I had made. She asked how I made it and with what.  I dug the empty cans of clam literally out of the trash and showed her. I made the chowder with the canned clams, added boiled potatoes and a creamy milk base. She was absolutely amazed and in shock that canned clams could be this good. She then proceeded to share a sad story of being hungry.. 

“She and her mom had gotten some supplemental food from a local food pantry and near the end of the month all that was left was 4 cans of clams.  They were hungry, had never eaten this before so proceeded to open the cans and eat them out of the can. (I guess like you would eat smoked oysters?) They tasted horrible and  they tossed them into the trash thinking they had spoiled. For the next 4 days they went without anything to eat until their food stamps arrived  at the beginning of the month.” 

How sad I was to hear this. No one should be hungry. I know that many people young and old go without meals regularly. Who knows? It could have been for this same reason. Not knowing what to do or how to eat what they receive from food pantries.

This story moved me so much that I had to help. I decided to create a series of on-line videos that teach basic recipes using items that would be typically distributed from local food pantries.  It is called, “Cook Away Hunger”. It is really for everyone and anyone who has questions about how to cook from what they store.

If it will help keep even one family from being hungry then I have been successful. However, it may help many others.