Backyard Fire Pit

We have been thinking about adding a few things to our backyard, like a fire pit area.  I have been searching the web for plans or photos that we may use as a pattern. 
This is a photo of one that I really like. I love the path through the grass leading from the existing patio into the yard for a fire pit seating area.  I don’t have access to the large boulders but I am thinking about making a bench instead.  Summer is a great time to find bargains when you are thinking about a backyard renovation or upgrade. 
I have an amazing view of the mountains from the center of my yard.  I think a seating area that includes a backyard fire pit would be amazing.  I am torn between the new look and the excavation of lawn, moving of sprinklers and who knows what else will come up.  Money starts to be a factor when I budget and forever I always go over it. But it seems like a simple backyard upgrade.  This is why I want to have a new seating area.
Check out my views I have available. They are both good but the top view from the proposed backyard fire pit site is so much better!
Backyard Fire Pit view of  mountains

View from proposed fire pit seating area sit

Backyard Fire Pit Shed in the way view

Existing patio view

I also think a small shade tree would be really nice in the lawn near the shed.  So many decisions and my husband is on board.  Now I have to have the guts to pull the trigger.

Pinterest is loaded with great backyard fire pit designs. One of my favorites uses stacked cement pavers with a metal ring.  Seating needs to be permanent and I would love a curved bench. It is so hard to figure it out.

This is what I have decided, I want the view- I want a hard surface for seating- I want it to be less than $500.  Once I get that figured out my new backyard fire pit will be perfect for roasting marshmallows, dutch oven dinners and just fabulous Fall bonfires in my backyard.
Yard Preparations
Set a stake in the center where you want the fire pit to be.
Tie a string to the stake and using spray paint draw a circle by slowing moving the string around the pole.
Dig up the sod and move sprinkler heads or cap them off.
Fire Pit
Mark the location of the pit with spray paint making a 49 Inch circle. 
Dig the circle to be at least 2 inches below the larger circles dirt.
Add paver gravel base and fill the up to the top of the hole. Tamp the gravel so it is packed tightly.
Stack 13 Homestead style pavers around the edge of the base.  Add two more levels of pavers to form pit.  Add a fire ring into the center of the pavers.  The ring top lip will set on top of the pavers.  Remove briefly.
Once you get the positioning right add concrete adhesive to glue the pavers together.  Add the ring back into the center once the adhesive has dried.
Add a layer of lava rocks in the bottom of the ring until it looks pretty.  If you are confused and need a photo tutorial Here is a great link for instructions from Country Stone.
Finishing the Yard
Place small gravel over the exposed dirt.
Make a frame around the outside edge with metal or plastic edging to prevent grass encroachment.
Add pavers in a decorative design. Leave space between and spread with sand and smooth and fill the spaces between the pavers.  Water the sand into the cracks with a  light sprinkling and brushing with a broom. (It’s like adding the grout when tiling a floor.)
Add seating and enjoy your new fire pit area. I know that I can’t wait to get my project started.




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